Inicio Noticias DEVENDRA BANHART: concierto íntimo en Los Angeles en ayuda a niños venezolanos

DEVENDRA BANHART: concierto íntimo en Los Angeles en ayuda a niños venezolanos

Devendra Banhart

DEVENDRA BANHART Rísquez, en un gesto que lo honra, no se olvida de su tierra materna en momentos tan duros como este y ha organizado una presentación íntima para recaudar fondos y donar medicinas a los niños venezolanos en situación de necesidad.

Atención todos aquellos que estén en Los Angeles y puedan unirse a esta noble causa

He aquí el comunicado publicado por Devendra en su página de Facebook.

The situation in Venezuela is beyond desperate.

Due to its failing economic system, the most basic human needs are not being met and the public health system is in a state of emergency.

Babies are dying because infrastructure is collapsing and are they unable to provide even the most basic healthcare that we take for granted here: antibiotics, bandages, and even food.

I know this, like you, thanks to journalists who are writing about it and thanks to people expressing it via various forms of social media.

Here’s an example of one of the many articles, from a week ago:

I also know this because I have family members that live there and they tell me what they see.

One of them is a doctor who can tell me EXACTLY what is needed at the Children’s Hospital.

The root cause: monumental mismanagement by the powers that oppressively govern the entire nation …

How to fix it? I have no clue! But for now, for today, for the next few weeks, let’s address the most pressing and urgent needs of those suffering at this very moment.

I’m going to begin by teaming up with Dilettante and throwing an impromptu event in downtown Los Angeles this Thursday, May 26: I will play an intimate acoustic set followed by Karaoke Dreams by Amy Von Harrington.

Tickets can be purchased here:

100% of the proceeds will go directly to the purchase of:

Nutramigen (Milk)
Ceftriaxone (Antibiotic)
Tobramycin (Antobiotic)
Salbutamol (Bronchodilator)
Ipratropium (Bronchodilator)
Pancreatic enzymes
Chest Physiotherapy Vest
Nebulizing Machines
Infusion Pumps
Central Line kits/Advanced Vascular Access

I’m going to do this with the help of Dilettante and my cousin Cristobal Risquez, a doctor, currently working in New York City and extremely well acquainted with the medical community in Venezuela. His father is also a doctor currently working in Caracas; our grandfather was a doctor too …

I often wonder if I’m really related to these people?

In honor of our great great great great Grandfather Francisco Antonio Risquez who was, you’ll never guess it, a doctor, we hope to eventually start a little non-profit called The F.A.R. Foundation.

One small show won’t be able to raise much—hopefully just enough to buy a few incubators, antibiotics, and powdered milk—but just having those basic items will LITERALLY save a life. What difference will it make in the long run? Not much, not much …

But over time, with donations of any size, and even if we merely turn our attentions to Venezuela, if we donate just that, mere attention and contemplation, mere energy, sent with loving intent, it can have an impact.

Love, Devendra Banhart