Inicio Canción de autor Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel «Rainbow’s End» (Video del 07/05/17)

Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel «Rainbow’s End» (Video del 07/05/17)


La recomendación de hoy domingo es ideal para terminar la semana. «Raimbow´s End» es uno de los temas de esta magnífica colaboración entre la voz y una de los dos mentes creativas detrás de la sinigual agrupación anglo-holandesa The Legendary Pink Dots, y la maravillosa cantante, pianista y compositora neoyorquina Amanda Palmer (ex Dresden Dolls).

Esta pieza forma parte del disco publicado el pasado 25 de marzo, I Can Spin a Rainbow

«Rainbow´s End»
I am a little bluish dot
Lost in a sea of grey
The red of streets surround me
And a pox has gone away

Nothing loops, it only spins
And the child lock keeps me in
The signal flashes green and then decays

I maybe should’ve just ignored that little voice inside
You know, the aimless one that counts to three
Then whispers, «Drive»
The one word that was uttered
At the moment that it mattered
I would leave them, hoping someday I’d arrive
(Arrive, arrive)

I reached out for the shiny button
But it wouldn’t scan
I heard a voice from in the static
Shouting ‘bout a land
Where the highways form a spiral
And the stories all go viral
For a day that lasts a lifetime
In a frozen block of sand

I am blinking in the nights
He is turning to the lights
«We will get there in the end,»
He whispered, reaching for a light
I am sinking in the grey
It is my mind, it is my [?] «I will take you where you want to go,» he said
And then we drove away

We’re somewhere on the [?] In the middle of a road
The story can’t be finished
‘Cause this picture still won’t load
They say that I’m not breathing
But I simply don’t believe them
And as soon as this is working
I’ll make him take me home

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